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Merino Superfine Wool confetti


This merino virgin wool in superfine quality is perfect for baby knits. It is soft-elastic and we use it also in double thread knitting!

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Product description

100% Merino Virgin Wool EXP – machine washable 30 degrees
color: confetti white
knitting needle: 3-4

Cool wool is a light weight merino wool as it has thermal management properties and is naturally breathable. So cool wool can be used for knits all year round and still be cosy and functional.

10cm x 10cm = 28 stitches + 38rows

Delivery within 1-2 weeks after order.

Care instruction

This merino virgin wool does not itch on baby’s tender skin. It is machine washable at 30 degrees with a wool wash and is suitable for drying. If you love your knitting pieces, it dries lying flat on a towel.
Merino wool has an antibacterial effect, dries quickly and is soft-elastic to give the baby and toddler an unrestricted experience while playing and romping.This high quality merino wool is environmentally friendly EXP equipped.
The EXP process is a chlorine free anti-felt equipment, which makes it very environmentally friendly. It works with non-toxic salts.
The EXP process is very water-saving. Up to 50% less water is used than in conventional equipment.


Wool is so versatile, one might think it was developed in a chemical lab. But it was Mother Nature who created wool to be the perfect raw material for baby textiles.
The natural fibre has qualities, no other material can match:
Wool stores our body heat when it is cold outside, but also cools us down when it is hot.
It has the ability to absorb humidity without feeling damp.
It is breathable and is SELF CLEANING. Airing them for even a short time is enough for wool products to neutralize and feel fresh again.
Wool is dirt repellent. Even liquid dirt is unable to penetrate the fibre but rather stays on the surface, when it can be brushed off easily.

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