Like back in the days…

VAN BEREN Aniversary Collection FW22 handmade in Austria

It is a little like back then. Back in those days when we experienced any adventure and our phantasy had no limits. When we ran out into the world, brave, because we knew it is safe. Every day a new adventure, a precious moment in nature, for there was so much to discover.

We do confess that this sounds very romantic. But we don´t feel the need to turn back time. We just want to take the best from the past, bring it to the present and create products that are matchless in their consistency. Made by hand, timeless, inspired by vintage design but also from everyday life, forever.

We design classic, comfortable children´s clothing for generations. Special pieces, loved to be passed on and that mean something to us. Sustainability to us is to take care of nature, respect our planet and to value humans. Because it is important to us. Sustainability also means that we create products that are useful, beautiful and don´t do harm to anybody.

Every piece by Van Beren is selected carefully for our babies and toddlers, environmentally friendly, pollution-free and produced responsibly. The style is a beautiful remembrance to those precious moments when we where adventurer. To those moments we will always keep in our minds and hearts. Sometimes we feel delighted by nostalgia but we always think about the future. Because we want to take responsibility for the generations to come. This is what makes Van Beren special.

Van Beren knits are handknitted with love in Austria of gifted grannys!

Van Beren – Precious Moments

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