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MERINO WOOL – Handle with Care!

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Follow our Care Instructions – then you will be happy for a long time with your Van Beren knits!

Unlike cotton, wool clothes have not to be washed regularly, they only require to be aired from time to time.
Wool can lose its form quickly if it is not washed carefully. In the worst case, it can even shrink by serveral sizes.
Therefore, wool clothing should be treated with great care and only washed if absolutely necessary.

Van Beren Merino Wool can be washend in the washing machine with a special wool setting of 30 degrees. Our merino wool is even suitable for tumble drying. If you want to stay your wool clothes elastic and extra soft, the water can also be pressed out by rolling the clothing into a towel beforehand. Gently pull it back into form while it is damp and dry with fresh air by layering out flat. DO NOT HANG WOOL CLOTHES! The fabric will stretch and lose its form.


Wool is so versatile, one might think it was developed in a chemical lab. But it was Mother Nature who created wool to be the perfect raw material for baby textiles.
The natural fibre has qualities, no other material can match:

Wool stores our body heat when it is cold outside, but also cools us down when it is hot.
It has the ability to absorb humidity without feeling damp.
It is breathable and is SELF CLEANING. Airing them for even a short time is enough for wool products to neutralize and feel fresh again.
Wool is dirt repellent. Even liquid dirt is unable to penetrate the fibre but rather stays on the surface, when it can be brushed off easily.
Wool is also able to bind and neutralize sweat.
So all in all, there are more than enough reasons to use merino wool for our baby styles.

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