Baby bloomers TONI in multiflower print handmade in Austria VAN BEREN
Baby bloomers TONI in multiflower print handmade in Austria VAN BEREN
Baby bloomers TONI in multiflower print handmade in Austria VAN BEREN
Baby bloomers TONI in multiflower print handmade in Austria VAN BEREN



Baby bloomers in multiflowerprint handmade of Organic Cotton


Color : Magnolia
Size : 9-12 mo.
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Product description

Baby bloomers in multiflowerprint handmade of Organic Cotton for precious moments. The perfect way to complete a summer look. The perfect way to complete a summer look.

Each piece is hand made in Austria by order. Knitting and sewing need time and muse:
Delivery within 1-2 weeks after order.

100% Van Beren Organic Cotton Yarn

Care Instruction

We choose organic cotton because it is one of the best natural clothing choices for babies and young children. It is GOTS certificated. Organic Cotton feels soft against your baby’s skin and does not cause any irritations. It is suitable for machine wash at 30 degrees. After washing you should press out the water by rolling the clothing into a towel beforehand. Gently pull it back into form while it is damp and dry with fresh air by layering out flat. DO NOT HANG THE WOOL CLOTHES! The fabric will stretch and lose its form.

Our luxurious 100% organic cotton yarn is good for you and Mother Earth. It will bring pleasure to anyone who wears it. You may also expect a 5-10% shrinkage in length of knitted fabric.

Yarn may fade or darken depending on light exposure, time spent wet, and laundering. After time, the color will return to normal, but some discoloring can be expected.

What makes Yarn organic?

It seems everywhere you look these days there are yarn companies offering organic yarn. From organic cotton to organic wool and more, this eco-friendly label is showing up on all sorts of products. But what does it really mean, and what are the benefits of using organic yarn?

What does Organic mean?

The label organic on yarn and yarn products means, that the fiber the yarn is made from were produced without the use of man-made chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizer.
Yarn goes through a certification process in order for the company to be able to call its yarn organic. In addition, the spinning process is certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard, another third-party certification body.

Can Organic Yarn be dyed?

Organic yarns are often left in their natural state rather than being dyed, but there are also companies that will dye them. They use non-toxic, organic dyes that are much more expensive than conventional dyes. Because these yarns cost more to produce and dye they can cost more than non-organic yarns.

Why should knitters bother using Organic Yarn?

The answer is simply it’s better for the environment. The production of fibers used to create yarn, cotton, in particular, is very pesticide intensive. Cotton plants are susceptible to many plant diseases which cause farmers to use an extremely large amount of pesticides on them. Organic farmers choose to forgo the use of such pesticides and herbicides. Choosing methods that are kinder to the earth is a great way to be a more responsible crafter. Using organic yarn made in local business is also a great way to support your community.

Is Organic Yarn good for you?

The lack of harsh chemicals in the growth of cotton means it’s better for people’s health. Using organic cotton leads to fewer allergens for the wearer. Many also find organic cotton to be softer than conventional cotton yarns.

We love Organic Cotton Yarn!

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