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Wool School Van Beren

Van Beren WOOL SCHOOL – THE PLACE FOR HAPPY KNITTING! Learn how to knit — Just give it try! No matter where you are — at your favorite café place or in enjoying the outdoors — slow down and take your time to knit for yourselves and for your loved ones! Both, your friends and a more sustainable world will appreciate your deeds! All you need is a skein of wool, knitting needles, instructions and passion to work with your…

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We are thrilled to present Spring/Summer 2018

Vintage style inspired knit dress DELILAH, organic cotton, hand made in Austria, VAN BEREN

“In Bloom with a Butterfly Kiss” … a hot summer day in the garden together with dear neighborhood friends. playing hide and seek, picking flowers and watching the clouds in the sky. singing birds and dancing butterflies. trying to catch a fish in the pond and picking some ripe fruits. shoes off and toes in the grass. having a berry snack under the shadow of a magestic old walnut. watching the sunset after a happy day…

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Van Beren Spring Summer Collektion 2018

We will launch our Van Beren Spring Summer collection soon! Van Beren loves to be romantic and a little bit of nostalgia. This very special nostalgic-inspired look is created with high-quality materials and careful finish. When it comes to sustainability and responsibility, we go for innovation. We think it is always right to care for our planet. It is the only one we have. The same applies to our employees who manufacture every piece by hand and with care. They…

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WARM SWEATER DAY 2018 – 20%off Knit Kit ANNA & ANNI

Van Beren Warm Sweater Day

Everyone can contribute to a better climate. One thing you can do is to turn the heating down in your room and wear a warmer sweater! The main aim of the day is to make us aware of how we can save energy. One easy way is to turn the heating down, which really benefits the environment. So, don’t forget to dig your warmest sweater out of the wardrobe on 2 February! You can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions in…

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Shell Knit Pattern

Shell knit pattern, 2 WOOL SCHOOL HAPPY KNITTING

How to knit the Shell Knit Pattern? The shell knit pattern is a quite difficult pattern but with a little bit of pratice not difficult at all. We use it for baby knit cardigan PEGGY SUE. It is one of my favorite knit patterns. I love it! 1. Row RS: Purl 2. Row WS: Knit 3. Row RS: K 2, *keep thread on the back, slip 1 sts, K 1, repeat from * to the last sts, K 1. 4.…

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Van Beren WOOL SCHOOL – THE PLACE FOR HAPPY KNITTING! We are going to teach you how to knit – step by step. We work with simple instructions and patterns since nothing is more painful than dull theory. What we want is success and results. Let’s think of learning a new instrument. The moment you enjoy playing is when you know who to read the tunes! Tired of knitting alone? Join our Van Beren WOOL SCHOOL and learn how to…

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Pinestripe Pattern

knit pattern, Pinestripe pattern, Wool School, Happy Knitting

How to knit the Pinestripe Pattern? This knit pattern is easy and ideal for advanced beginners. It looks complicated but it is not! We use ist for baby knit romper SUNNY and the matching baby knit bonnet SUNNY. Row 1: P 2, Slip 1 knit-wise (thread in back) Row 2: K 2, Slip 1 purl-wise (thread in front) Row 3: P 2, Slip 1 knit-wise (thread in back) Row 4: Knit all sts (incl. slipped ones) Van Beren WOOL SCHOOL…

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